16 Nov

Easy Christmas Decorations Ideas for Your Fireplace

With the Christmas market opening in just a few days, it is the time to start thinking about bringing some festive atmosphere to your home. There are a lot of things to consider, like the safety, design, prices and how well the decorations will fit with your all year round interior.

Don’t be alarmed, though. Your only problem should be choosing something that speaks to you among the variety of Christmas decoration ideas available. Or, if you are more, do-it-yourself type of a person, you can create your Christmasy feel with your own hands.

Whether you like to use something from last year or recycle home appliances we have some great ideas to get your creative Christmas ideas flowing.


Candles on the fireplace mantel

Christmas candles

Fireplaces and their mantels have some Christmas characteristics on their own, even without adding anything special. Or maybe it is only the wintery feeling. Either way, the mantel is a great place to start decorating your home. It can be a range of things. You can start by a real classic like candles. Even such a classic can look fresh when you arrange a set of different sized candles on your fireplace mantel. You can even add some small Christmas stars or Christmas baubles that you have stacked in your storage.

Pro tip: Candles on your fireplace mantel will give off extra heat, so no matter whether you have an electric or gas fire, you will now have some real burning fire in your room that gives that little extra magic.


Fireplace in nature

Natural christmas

One of your favourite notions lately is getting back closer to nature. To create such feeling in your home you can use some natural materials like pine cones, and dry wood branches. You can get creative and tie together small bunches and put them on the mantel together with burning candles and pine cones. To make this setting even more mesmerising you can get some deep green moss and lay it down in medium sized patches. Your fireplace will look like a part of a warm forest.

There is an extra benefit to this type of decoration: the first few days after putting up the natural materials will give off a fresh, natural wood aroma, which is a great addition to any Christmas decor.

Pro tip: If you wish to create a bit more fancy look but still keep the nature as the main focus, get some glitter, gold or silver spray and spray it over the composition. Depending on the colour you choose now your fireplace mantel will look magical.


Christmas lights

Fireplaces by their nature give away light. But you have to agree that there is nothing that says Christmas like fairy lights. And if you look around, you can see that now there are so many variations and options! yu can even make the covers for your Christmas lights yourself. Buy tiny Rudolf the reindeer lights or make DIY ones that look like small snowflakes, there are endless options and types for every taste.

Pro tip: You have to be careful with the way you arrange the lights around your fireplace, as the power sockets and wires should not get too hot. Fire safety first!


These are just three ideas and there are so much more. It is not really possible to list them all. Get inspired and get excited about Christmas. It will come sooner than you will have the time to realise.