Flamerite Corello 2 Mirror - Fires Galore

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The Flamerite Corello 2 Mirror electric fireplace has a unique mirrored frame which is available in a choice of two finishes. The bright mirror frame surrounds the fire with dramatic reflective light, creating a very modern look, while the black mirror offers a more subtle effect. The body of the fireplace, with both of these frame options, is black.

This unit comes with a spacer so that it can be either wall mounted or installed into a shallow opening in the wall. With the wall mounted option, the fireplace projects 185mm from the wall; when inset, it projects 60mm. The unit is easy to install..

The Flamerite Corello 2 Mirror electric fireplace is available in two widths, 820mm or 1000mm, both with the standard height of 590mm. With this unit there is a choice between three fuel effects: pebbles, coal, or for an additional £35.00, driftwood.

The hidden heater in this fireplace, either 1000W or 2000W, can be turned on or off. Because the flame effect alone can be turned on, the fireplace can be used to enhance the ambience of the room year around. Changing the lamp is simple.

The Flamerite Corello 2 Mirror electric fireplace is operated by an on/off socket mounted remote control. A mounting bracket for the handset is included

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