There isn’t a room that could not be made cosier and more welcoming by a fireplace. Even the most modern interiors can enjoy the perks of a burning fire.

Fires Galore store a range of contemporary electric fire designs for every interior. Modern or more traditional, you are sure to find something for your taste.

If you are not sure whether electric fires are for you, here are the most important benefits of an electric fire:

Cost Efficient – Electric fires are cost efficient as the heat electricity produces exceeds the electricity amount used by up to three times.

No Chimney – Choosing an electric fire can be a heating solution when you do not have or if you don’t want to install a chimney in your room. Electric fire can be installed in any room with an electricity access. Just that simple.

Light – But what if you are only after the cosy feeling burning fire gives the room? Electric fires are a great solution for when there is no need for heating. Besides this ensures lower costs as the electricity is only used for the warm atmospheric light.

Not only electric fires have the many advantages mentioned above, but they also have several fitting types for any room. For instance, wall mounted electric fires are installed as if hanging from the wall but if you are looking for a more traditional look, inset electric fires will have the look and feel of a more classic fireplace.

Flamerite Corello 2 Mirror

£547.39 £430.50

Flamerite Corello 2 Standard

£510.62 £393.76

The Adam Sambro Electric Fireplace

£674.35 £490.44
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