A fireplace mantel can completely change the way your fire looks in the room and give it extra design value. Besides, what is a fire without a fireplace? Fires Galore offer an assortment of fireplaces in a variety of materials that are all high quality and would be a great addition to every home.

We are offering the following types of fireplaces:

Marble Fireplaces – Never going out of style, but recently becoming more popular again marble fireplaces are the queens of the fireplace design. This Material will bring a certain feeling of royalty and sophistication in your home. Not only marble is a beautiful rock, but it is also extremely durable and easy to maintain. Therefore a marble fireplace is a timeless investment in your home.

Limestone Fireplaces – Warmer than Marble but just as impressive is limestone and limestone fireplaces make a wonderful focal point in any room. Limestone is durable, but it has a way of ageing and slightly changing over time. But don’t be alarmed, limestone becomes only more beautiful with time as it provides you and your family with lovely warmth and cosy atmosphere in dim evenings.

Cast Fireplaces – If there is one thing that still remains in our homes from the Victorian time those must be the vibrant cast fireplaces. Giving a more traditional and serious feeling to your interior cast fireplaces can be combined with different types of fuel wich makes it a great additional heating option.

Wooden Fireplaces – For a traditional note in your home a great choice is a wooden fireplace. The particular feeling that wood elements give to your room can not be imitated. besides a wood fireplace will serve you for years to come.


Be Modern Gatsby

£1,099.00 £499.00

The Estoril Limestone Fireplace

£868.48 £596.00
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