Fires Galore take pride in the wide range of gas fires we can offer to our clients. Gas fires are a great choice for modern living spaces and would make an eye-catching feature in every room. And what can be nicer than a relaxing night in next to a fireplace?
Gas fires are the more unconventional choice of extra heat for your home but it has many advantages that are worth considering when choosing the fireplace for your home.

Gas fires have the following advantages:

Saving Floor Space: Gas fires do not necessarily require a floor space, therefore saving you room and making your interior more spacious. Besides, having your gas fire above the ground, makes it a safer option for young children and pets.

No Hard Fuel: As gas fires do not require wood or other hard fuel, There is less day-to-day maintenance. This can be a great choice for people who do not have the time or strength to carry around bags of log or coal.

Flueless Options: One of the biggest advantages of gas fires is that it is also available for people who do not have chimneys or live in apartments. Certain gas fires have the flueless system that allows managing the smoke without a chimney.

These are just some of the advantages when purchasing gas fire. Our range gives you a choice of design, colour and functionality, so you are sure to find something for your home.
With any questions, you are welcome to contact us and we will answer all of your questions with the specialist knowledge we have acquired over the years.

Burley Flueless Environ Gas Fire 4248 Wide Brass

£599.00 £375.00

Gazco Studio Edge Wall Mounted Gas Fire (Glass Fronted)

Legend Eco 1000 Flueless Gas Fire

£1,084.53 £968.00

Smeg Flueless Linear Series Landscape Gas Fire

£1,018.68 £585.00

Smeg Flueless Linear Series Portrait Gas Fire

£938.09 £495.32

Superior Neon Flueless Gas Fire

£1,292.50 £1,175.00

Superior Radium Flueless Gas Fire

£1,326.64 £656.50

Superior Scandium

£1,499.00 £909.00

Valor Homeflame Petrus High Efficiency Inset Gas Fire

£549.00 £409.00
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