A great way to keep yourself and your family warm in dim and cold evenings is by installing an extra heating source in your home. Nowadays there is a range of different heating options available to fit your taste and lifestyle. One of the more popular ones in the last years is the flueless gas fires that can be an eye-catching addition to any room.

Installing a modern flueless gas fire means not only the wonderful feeling of a warm and cosy home. There are so many perks of flueless gas fires.

Saving floor space: Most of the flueless gas fires are installed in the wall or are almost as if hanging from it, so there is no need for your flueless gas fire to be placed on the floor. This will leave your room looking more spacious.

Easy maintenance: Unlike the wood burning fireplaces and stoves flueless gas fires are very easy to maintain. You can light the fire by merely flipping a switch not even mentioning the ease of not needing to carry wood logs.

Energy efficient: Flueless Gas fires are highly energy efficient as there is bearly any energy loss. The efficiency amounts to 99%.

No chimney: Probably the biggest advantage of installing a flueless gas fire is the fact that you do not require a chimney. No matter if it is your choice to not have one, or your home just not support a chimney, flueless gas fire can be your way to a warmer home without thinking about flue management.

Burley Flueless Environ Gas Fire 4248 Wide Brass

£599.00 £375.00

Legend Eco 1000 Flueless Gas Fire

£1,084.53 £968.00

Smeg Flueless Linear Series Landscape Gas Fire

£1,018.68 £585.00

Smeg Flueless Linear Series Portrait Gas Fire

£938.09 £495.32

Superior Neon Flueless Gas Fire

£1,292.50 £1,175.00

Superior Radium Flueless Gas Fire

£1,326.64 £656.50

Superior Scandium

£1,499.00 £909.00
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