The aroma of wood logs stacked in a basket next to a fireplace and the special atmosphere of a burning wood can make any average evening in a mind and body relaxing time. A wood burning stove would bring just that in your home.

Coming in different styles, colours and sizes Fires Galore wood burning stoves are sure to satisfy even the pickiest shoppers. We stock both traditional looking wood burning stoves and more modern sleek and elegant ones. No matter if you ar looking for a stove for your brand new minimalistic apartment or a family home, Fires Galore have something or you.

No question, the special radiance of a burning fire is unique selling point, but here are some other advantages, that will make you want to get a wood burning stove of your own in no time:

Renewable Energy Source: Not every stove uses renewable energy source. Unlike gas or coal wood is the only energy source that is ecologically friendly. Besides, heating your home with wood burning stove is a carbon-neutral process as burning process creates approximately the same amount of carbon as it absorbed during its lifetime.

Low costs: When compared to the energy costs of electric or gas stoves wood burning stoves come out as the cheapest option per kWh. Wood is nearly 50% cheaper than gas and almost four times cheaper than electric heating.

Have these perks already convinced you to bring a wood burning stove in your home? If you need any more, take a look at our vast range of wood burning stove designs!

Dovre Astroline 3CB Woodburning Stove & Wood Store

£2,249.00 £1,899.00

Dovre Astroline 3CB Woodburning Stove on Pedestal

£2,195.00 £1,879.00

Dovre Astroline 4 Multifuel Stove on Pedestal

£2,069.00 £1,750.00

Dovre Astroline 4 Multifuel Stove with Wood Store

£2,149.00 £1,847.00

Dovre Astroline 4CB Woodburning Stove on Pedestal

£2,149.00 £1,829.00

Dovre Astroline 4CB Woodburning Stove with Wood Store

£2,195.00 £1,879.00

Franco Belge Montfort Stove

£934.13 £575.00

Villager Flatmate Wood Burning Stove

£640.00 £467.00
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