Superior Neon Flueless Gas Fire

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The Superior Neon Gas Flueless Fireplace

The Superior Neon Gas flueless fireplace is the ultimate in contemporary fireplaces. The firebox is broadly framed with glossy black glass and then mounted onto a rectangle of aluminium. The multi-dimensional effect that this layering creates, along with the contrast between the reflective black surface and the lightly brushed aluminium, make this fireplace stunning.

The firebox itself is covered with clear thermal glass. Overall, the fireplace is reminiscent of a plasma-screened TV and would be an ideal counterpoint for one in a modern setting.

Since the Superior Neon Gas fireplace is flueless and doesn’t require a chimney , it can be installed on any wall of sufficient strength. And, as this is a wall-mounted unit, no hole is required. When hung, it projects 160mm from the wall. At 1125mm wide and 610mm in height, this fireplace becomes the dramatic focal point in a room.

The fire effect, a strip of gently dancing flames, echoes the horizontal lines of the fireplace. It also is 100% fuel efficient, generating up to 3.5kW of heat. The Superior Neon Gas flueless fireplace, like most flueless units, uses Clean Burn Catalytic Technology. This system removes fumes that are produced by the burning process so that the heated air created by the fireplace is clean and safe.

The Superior Neon Gas flueless fireplace is manually operated.

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